Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Anthony Pierpont Wine in the News: Sizing Up Investment Wines

In a previous wine blog, I talked about an auction for a jeroboam (equal to six bottles) of prized vintage Bordeaux wine. The rare wine was pricey for a number of reasons- its brand, vintage and size were just a few reasons why it’s estimated to sell for more than $60,000.

Investing in wines isn’t a new concept, but it’s more popular than ever today. There are a number of reasons for buying wine to make money:

  • Buying a specialty investment wine fresh off the vine is a lot less expensive than buying an aged wine. You gamble on the wine’s future popularity, and on the supply and demand for the annual limited release.
  • Buy investment wines with an eye to selling the bottles later for profit. Like stamp collectors, collectors of rare books and antiquities, vintage wine aficionados are romanced by the bottle, and will rarely look at price when a bottle they want comes up for sale.
  • According to, collectable wines historically outperform the Dow and the FTSE, offering large returns without the instability of the stock market.

Collectable wines come in sizes ranging from small to extra-extra large. The large bottles of a collectable wine are especially valued when the wine has aged and can be pricey. But buying oversized bottles of vintage wine can net you a lot more money in the long run.

Some other investment wine bottle sizes include:

  • A Standard bottle of wine measures 750ML and is best accompanied by at least one more bottle;
  • The Magnum is the equivalent of two bottles of wine and is often seen balanced on the lap of Hollywood celebutantes and East Coast rappers;
  • The Balthazar equals 16 bottles of wine and packs a punch that promises to be a hit at any party.

Large size red wine bottles in particular are a real collector’s favorite. With more and more people looking at wine not just as refreshment, but also as an investment, the oversized wine bottles are worth looking into.

Anthony Pierpont Wine Tip of the Day: For maximum party potential that’s easy on the pocketbook, my last wine blog delved into another sizable (but not collectable) grape- box wines.