Sunday, March 4, 2007

Anthony Pierpont Red Wine Tips: Buying Wine Online

You can buy champagne online and order wine online through a number of different wine Web sites. It’s a great way to find new wines that are not offered at your local grocery or liquor store, and, if you now where to shop, you can find some of the best prices when you buy your grape from a wine Web site.

If you haven’t yet started to use the Internet to buy champagne or wine, it’s worth a try. Especially if you have an upcoming party or event with a lot of thirsty guests and limited time to put the party together!

Some of the best Web sites to order wine online:

  • The Wine Buyer offers funny, snide wine reviews and rock-bottom sale prices.
  • Buy champagne online with the Wine Commune, an online wine auction. Benefits include specialty wines not found in your local store. Before buying wine online, verify that the seller can ship wine to your state with an e-mail before the sale.
  • Vineyards also sell direct, so check the company wine Web site to price shop before you confirm your online wine order. Mondavi, Gloria Ferrer and Eola Hills all let you buy champagne and order wine online.
When buying wine online consider buying in bulk for the best deals on shipping and overall discounts, too.

Anthony Pierpont Wine Tip of the Day: I can’t find fault with anyone who orders wine online because it is true that the Internet can often offer the best prices and best selections, but give your local wine shops a chance, too. They often have specials but the real value is their knowledge of the products they sell which makes you into a wine connoisseur. It is rare to find wines online that offer that sort of education.